Getting a good used car deal

Kia Mohave

One of the biggest fears people have when buying a used car is that they don’t know what they are getting.
When buying a new car you get a manufacturers warranty, which usually lasts three years or, in Kia’s case, seven years, so you get the chance to take the car back or get it repaired if something goes wrong.
However, on the downside you have to pay a massive premium just for buying a new car and are going to see it depreciate in value by as much as 40 per cent in the first year alone. Therefore, for many, buying new is simply not an option.
But how do you know that the second hand car you are getting is good value for money and not a dud. According to HPI, which is an independent vehicle checking service, one in three cars has something to hide. It says there is an increasing risk of buying a car that has outstanding finance against it or has been “clocked”.
If a car is “clocked” it basically means that a dealer has wiped miles off the car to increase its value. Or the car could even have been “cloned”, where a fake number plate is put on the car.
However, while this is a scary figure, there are ways to insure that the car you are getting is the real deal. Simply by carrying out a check on the car’s history you can see whether it has been written off, stolen, scrapped, or imported or exported. That way you can be safe in the knowledge that you are getting what you pay for and at sites like they do that work for you, so you know that the car you like is what is says it is.
Also, by buying a car that is a year to three years old, you are losing some off the problems associated with depreciation, as the car loses most of its value in the first year. Therefore, you may find it is still under warranty but has gone through the worst of depreciation already.
Buying a used car is far more cost effective then buying a new car and with a bit of common sense and by going to an approved and respected outlet like you know you won’t be getting a dud.
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